I did a purchase. What next?

Thank you for your purchase. One of our customer support will call you to verify your address and order to ship to your address and also provide with the tracking details if applicable.

What will be the delivery time?

As our standard practice the shipment will be delivered between 3 to 7 days .However delays might occur for a external reasons.

What if the product is not delivered?

Due to some unforeseen reasons, the items might not have delivered; we confirm that you will get the full refund of the item of the same medium in case of Card payment and cash delivery invoices will be cancelled.

The product delivered is not what i ordered for, what to do next?

Don’t worry; Please contact our customer support within 3 days, this will be returned and replace with the correct order without any extra cost. Please make sure the products are in original packing unopened

Why my complaints are not resolved?

Please get back to us with, if any complaint not resolved in 3 days.

How secure is my credit card?

Your payment is transferred by SSL directly to a secure vault, all transactions are encrypted for increased security,